Turf Moor

Turf Moor, Burnley Football Club
Oil on canvas
80cm x 60cm

The request to do this painting came out of the blue. It’s a gift for a Burnley fan on a very significant birthday.

Turf Moor | Oil on canvas 80cm x 60cm

When I put this image on Twitter I received a lot of ‘likes’ (including from one of Burnley’s most famous fans, Alastair Campbell) and a few requests for copies, prints etc. All of which I turned down. Several months later a Burnley fan and author contacted me to ask my permission to use it as an illustration on the cover of his new book; I gave him permission to use it at no cost.

I’m fairly sure that the three portraits which look like clever paintings are actually produced in Photoshop or a similar app which converts photos to ‘paintings’. Below the cover there’s an example I’ve done on my phone of Sean Dyche, Burnley manager, to show how easy it is!

Sean Dyche, the photo and the ‘painting’ done on my phone in two minutes!

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