Gallery of paintings
Gallery of paintings

Skies – gallery

I wanted to do some quick paintings; sometimes my pictures take months to complete and I wanted to work as fast as possible and see what happened. I bought six small canvases – 50cm x 40cm, about half the size I normally work on – with a view to doing a series based on photos I’ve taken which feature interesting skies.

Three of these pictures were painted alla prima – all in one go – and two over only two sessions. Two of the pictures were painted in under an hour – they were the ones which I also experimented with by painting on a black canvas, rather than white.

The results are varied and not always successful, but the purpose of the process was to free myself by painting quickly and seeing where it got me. So far, there are only five paintings…I’m not sure if there will be a number six yet.

There are a few more details about each painting in their individual posts.

Click on any image to enlarge it and click on the arrows to move through the gallery.

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