Gallery of paintings
Gallery of paintings

Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s Seat
Oil on canvas
50cm x 40cm

I’ve spent most of my time since I started painting doing carefully-plotted pictures full of detail with people, vehicles, buildings and windows. Lots of windows.

Recently I embarked on a series of much smaller pictures than I usually produce in an attempt to free myself up. I’ve not been entirely pleased with the results, preferring, on the whole, my ‘big’ pictures.

This one is a new departure again, although it’s within the series of small pictures. I painted the canvas black before I started, instead of working on a new white canvas. The effect was quite startling. I finished this in a very quick time (I know it looks like it) but got to the stage I wanted to reach much more quickly.

This is the third in my ‘Sky’ series.

Arthur’s Seat | Oil on canvas 50cm x 40cm

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