Gallery of paintings
Gallery of paintings


Oil on board
16″ x 12″
This painting has been recycled (see Prague)

I have a self-imposed rule: don’t abandon a painting if it’s going wrong; get it right and finish it. 

In the interests of transparency, therefore, I also put all of my paintings on here, whether or not they are a success, which brings me to today’s art class study.

The brief was to paint the scene ‘alla prima’ (all in one go), also known as ‘wet on wet’, using oil paints. Blending the colours to produce a hazy, dawn scene, without any of the colours turning muddy, which is often what can happen when painting alla prima. It took about two hours, but cannot be returned to, to ‘complete’ it as that would defeat the object.

Dawn | Oil on board 16″ x 12″

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