“Football Genius”

“Football Genius”
Oil on canvas
80cm x 60cm

This is the second painting I’ve done from the recent 4th round cup tie. Independently of the owner commissioning his painting, the Supporters’ Club chairman asked me to do a picture that could be auctioned to raise funds (as I have done twice before).

He wanted a picture that showed the flags produced by supporters that gave an impressive display as the game started, and sent me a photograph showing the view from almost exactly where I always stand.

Suitably cropped to increase its impact, that’s what this painting is. The flag (one of four huge ones) shows John Coleman – Football Genius, and a few of the many red and white flags we all waved.

“Football Genius” | Oil on canvas 80cm x 60cm

Updated to add that framed and glazed prints of this painting are now going on sale to raise funds.

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