Gallery of paintings
Gallery of paintings

It was fifty years ago today…

Bretton Hall
Oil on canvas
80cm x 60cm

…that I arrived at Bretton Hall college in Yorkshire to train to be a teacher. This is a painting of the mansion there. My first year bedroom was actually in this building.

The college, originally opened after World War II as a visionary arts in education establishment, closed in 2007, after it had become a part of the University of Leeds and all courses moved there. Sadly, this mansion is currently not in use; and many of the other college buildings have been demolished in preparation for its long-planned (and long-overdue) conversion into a luxury hotel.

However, the parkland is open to the public and houses the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which was originally established when the college was still in operation, in 1978.

Bretton Hall | Oil on canvas 80cm x 60cm

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