Gallery of paintings
Gallery of paintings

Chester Market Hall 1967

Chester Market Hall 1967
Oil on canvas
90cm x 60cm

My very first commission, this picture was painted to hang in a new coffee shop in Chester. Although I usually work from my own photographs and sketches, this picture needed to be different, as I was asked to paint something from Chester’s past. As the coffee shop is in a brand new bus exchange, I searched for images of old Chester buses – this one, which I think is probably a postcard, also shows the historic Victorian Market Hall which was controversially demolished in 1967, the year the photograph was taken.

Chester Market Hall, 1967 | Oil on canvas 90cm x 60cm

Not quite Pixar, but a montage of the many snaps I took of this picture, whilst I was painting it. I like to look back on it and see all the times I went wrong.

The picture shows my painting: “Chester Market Hall 1967” hanging in The Barista’s Coffee Shop in Chester Bus Exchange. My first commission 🙂

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