Del Marcos Hotel

Del Marcos Hotel
Oil on canvas
60cm x 90cm

One of my favourite places ever! The Del Marcos Hotel, a ‘midcentury modern’ masterpiece in Palm Springs, California. The point of view is from our bedroom.

This painting shows the hotel pool before development work was started on the adjacent lot, it is no longer as good a view, as the ‘Spanish-style’ hotel has replaced the hedge and blocks some of the view of the mountain; it’s cultural sabotage, and it was perpetrated by the owner of the Del Marcos.

At least I can remember what it used to look like by looking at this painting which hangs on my living room wall, giving me a blast of SoCal sunshine, even on the bleakest of British days.

Del Marcos Hotel, Palm Springs, California | Oil on canvas, 60cm x 90cm

The Del Marcos Hotel (click image to enlarge)

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